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Optische Täuschung - Spirale

Optical illusion

Optical illusion

The eye, or rather the brain, can be deceived by some tricks and its perception can be doubted. However, an optical illusion is often also due to the sluggish eye, which cannot adapt quickly or well enough to an unfamiliar situation or movement. The conflict with the experience stored in the brain and the unusual thing that the eye perceives triggers an Optical Illusion.

Visual Illusion
Visual Illusion


Visual illusions

The eye, or rather the brain, can be deceived and confused very quickly. Recurring or contradictory patterns or illogical three-dimensional representations can already irritate. Precisely this makes such images and patterns so exciting for the viewer.


Müller-Lyer’s arrow illusion

Example of an Arrow Illusion
Arrow Illusion

This is a deception of our estimation ability. Both lines are the same length, but they look different. The arrows are to blame, which visually either hem in the line (above) or spread it out (below).


Sander’s Parallax

Example of a Parallel Illusion
Parallel Illusion

Although all the lines are straight and parallel, they appear to be bending the straight lines. The more lines are involved, the better this effect works.


Ebbinghaus circular illusion

Example of a Circle Illusion
Circle Illusion

Things to which we have no relation seem smaller than those to which we have a relation. For example, if we see a house in the distance, we know that it is a larger building and must therefore be far away. But if a person standing next to it is just as tall, this “logic error” confuses us. With miniatures, you can exploit this effect very well.


Tilt figures

Example of Tilted Figures
Tilted Figures

This is a very famous example of a sensory illusion. The tilt figures live from the contrast foreground and background. In this example there are either two faces or a chalice, you see only one of the two figures, not both at the same time, even if you know about both figures.

Another example is the Green Dot, which represents two green arrows looped into or around each other.


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