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Drawing animals

In addition to the classic animals (that is, pets like dogs, cats, and birds, as well as their wild relatives), here I show a number of different animals and how to draw them.

Marienkäfer mit Prismacolor Buntstiften malen
Painting ladybugs with Prismacolor crayons

Particularly, horses are very popular and are therefore often drawn. If you can draw a horse, you can also create a suitable rider (see drawing people) or apply this knowledge to mythical creatures like unicorns and centaurs.

To draw birds, it is important to also draw their feathers and wings. This includes various animal wings (such as insects or bats) as well as different types of fish and marine creatures.

Additional Pages

From the German Blog

In my blog, you will find many more tutorials and step-by-step stories of the creation process of many other animals. In addition to the Animal ABC (each letter in the alphabet represents an animal), I have also listed the other instructions for you:

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