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Various motifs

In this category you will find information on how to draw and paint different motifs.

In addition to the common themes such as people or animals, landscapes or elements represent a special challenge. Here, as with plants and fabrics, the representation can be very different, because there are only very rough guidelines for the naturalness.

Markerkolorierung: Fliegenpilze
Marker coloring: fly agaric

Here, the basic shapes help only with great difficulty, since neither fire nor water, for example, can be locked into geometric shapes. With water, the representation of a glass can provide a shape, but in the wild in the form of rain or rivers, water is wild and formless.

It is similar with fabrics. Due to different material properties, the folds that occur when bending, folding or falling turn out very differently. With leather alone, there are different degrees of hardness, from rigid to very soft. In addition, the material surface is a special challenge.

In the case of plants, nature already provides very versatile possibilities, which surprise even botanists again and again as soon as a new species is discovered. Due to numerous cultivations, almost nothing seems to be impossible anymore in terms of colors and shapes. Plants are therefore an ideal motif for an artist to give free rein to his creativity.

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