Learning to draw 🎨

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Gestures and posture

Gestures and posture On this page you will get some examples to learn how to draw human gestures and postures. Draw dynamic poses to make your figures more interesting.   Tools for drawing people On the page about drawing people,…

Drawing hands

Drawing hands Drawing a hand or two hands is one of the most difficult subjects that an artist can ever choose.   Basics – how to draw hands? Example of the flexibility of the wrist, the proportion of a hand…


Drawing mermaids On this page you will find drawing tutorials to learn how to draw mermaids. The best way to draw mermaids is to take beautiful photo templates of women (or even men) in aesthetic poses. To make the fish…

Feet & Shoes

Learn to draw feet and shoes This article is about learning to draw feet and shoes. Find here some sample pictures and step by step instructions.   Drawing feet Even feet have their proportions. For example, the inner ankle is…