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Drawing and painting

In this category you will find tips and tricks about drawing & painting.

Differences and terms

What is actually the difference between painting and drawing? Or what is the difference between a drawing and a sketch? Here you can learn both:

Drawing & Sketching

A sketch is the fleeting capture of a motif. That is, you quickly record your impressions and thoughts about a motif in brisk strokes. A sketch is not worked out in every detail, but contains mainly outlines and other important lines. Shading and exact measurements, as well as specific content, are uncommon. While a drawing is the further development of a sketch and proportions and details are worked out more intensively.

In the so-called freehand sketching (see Technical Drawing in the forum) there are some rules that should make sketching easier.

Also the term scribble is often used for a sketch, although a scribble is even more volatile than some sketches.

Painting & Drawing

Roughly speaking, painting is the use of liquid colors (eg: oil paints), where drawings are dry, so not colored with paint and brush. Colorfulness in itself is not the distinguishing feature, but whether lines, strokes, circles or blobs and dabs represent the image.

First exercises

To get a feel for the material and to loosen up your hand, there are a few exercises for which you should definitely do without an eraser and ruler, even if it’s hard: For each exercise you need a pencil and a sheet of paper. Take plenty of time and patience for each step. The point of the exercise is to get a steady hand and some experience in targeted drawing. The first exercise is to draw a line, as straight and long as possible, on the sheet. From one side to the other.

Then the second and then the next. This is how you practice drawing straight strokes. It’s best to use the whole sheet!

Zeichenübung gerade Linien ziehen
Drawing exercise straight lines

Next, it’s about strokes again. But this time first a row of straight strokes. Then a second row across the first. However, the second should pass under the first. That is, do not cross the first row, but interrupt the lines and continue on the other side.

Zeichenübung unterbrochene Linien ziehen
Drawing exercise interrupted lines

Now it’s time for ovals and circles: Spirals are good for warming up. That would be the ovals. For circles, there’s a trick: paint squares first and then put the circle in. The boxes are a good help. If you can do it well, try it without the box.

Zeichenübung Ellipsen
Drawing exercise ellipses

Some examples of how to draw beautiful circles without compasses, only with the necessary help:

Zeichenübung Kreis zeichnen
Drawing exercise circle

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