Learning to draw 🎨

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Coloring with markers

Coloring with markers On this page you’ll find information about coloring with markers, as well as some tips and tricks. What markers are available and how can you best paint with them? What should you pay attention to? In this…

Image analysis

Image analysis Image analysis is not only good for school. If you are able to analyze and describe other images, you can design your own images more creatively and develop a better understanding of how images are constructed. This way…

Optical illusion

Optical illusion The eye, or rather the brain, can be deceived by some tricks and its perception can be doubted. However, an optical illusion is often also due to the sluggish eye, which cannot adapt quickly or well enough to…

Image layout

Image layout This page is about an appealing image layout. Here I give some tips on how to split an image so that the content is placed as interesting and dynamic as possible.   Golden section The Golden Ratio is…

Design laws

Design laws – basics of design Here are some of the most basic design laws for aesthetic image design. These rules are also used to analyze and describe images (image analysis).   Figure-ground differentiation (figure-ground relationship) The depicted image should…


Draw and paint landscapes In this article, I explain the basics of how to draw landscapes and paint nature scenes. The key elements are the principles of spatial drawing, as well as the different perspectives and horizontal lines. Knowledge of…