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Colorize images

In this category you will find information about coloring pictures. The following is about the subsequent color design of images, that is, about coloring.

Mädchen malen mit Polychromos Buntstiften
Girl painting with Polychromos crayons

For this, it is a prerequisite that one has already drawn his contours, unlike in a painting where the color aspect is not used as a supplement, but as a representation itself.

How one makes his contours now (whether with pencil, Fineliner, ink or the pen, with which one finally paints) is all the same, as long as one knows which areas are to be painted.

Also, you don’t necessarily have to have your outlines pre-drawn on the sheet you end up coloring on. You can put a translucent paper over your paper with the outlines and then only design the areas. Especially with layout paper, this is very possible, as this allows the drawn contours to shine through very well.

Depending on the motif and fineness of the same, you should then concentrate on painting only within the contours. Painting in the areas and not over the strokes is something that requires a lot of practice and is always frustrating when it is not as successful as you had intended. In addition to practice, a more relaxed pencil position can also make coloring easier.

Coloring pictures

For some time now, coloring and painting pictures has been a hobby in its own right – not only for children, but also for adults.

Bärchen Ausmalbild
Bear coloring picture

Als Kind haben wir uns gerne und viel mit dem Ausmalen von Bildern beschäftigt. Mit Buntstiften, Filzstiften, Wachsmalstiften … egal, es hat immer sehr viel Spaß gemacht! Aber nicht nur als Kind macht ausmalen Spaß.

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Coloring with markers

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