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Fish and sharks

Fish and sharks This page is about fish and sharks of all kinds. Fish come in all different sizes, shapes and colors depending on their habitat (freshwater or saltwater, water temperature and so on). Visually, there are also differences between…

Marine animals

Various marine animals On this page you will find sample tutorials in step by step instructions to be able to draw jellyfish and other sea creatures.   How to draw Nautilus The nautilus is also called pearl boat and belongs,…

Dolphins and whales

Marine mammals: drawing dolphins and whales This page is about drawing marine mammals like whales and dolphins. These are characterized by the fact that they breathe air and give birth to live young and that although they spend their whole…

Crabs, mussels & snails

Crabs, mussels & snails On this page you will find some step by step instructions and sample pictures to learn how to draw crabs, mussels & snails. The following animals have in common that they have an exoskeleton (i.e. a…


Drawing mermaids On this page you will find drawing tutorials to learn how to draw mermaids. The best way to draw mermaids is to take beautiful photo templates of women (or even men) in aesthetic poses. To make the fish…

Water and fire

Elements – Water and Fire Drawing water and fire is one of the more difficult subjects to choose. Both are very changeable, unpredictable and always change their form. In addition, there are the different aggregate states that water can take….