Learning to draw 🎨

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Coloring with markers

Coloring with markers On this page you’ll find information about coloring with markers, as well as some tips and tricks. What markers are available and how can you best paint with them? What should you pay attention to? In this…

Water and fire

Elements – Water and Fire Drawing water and fire is one of the more difficult subjects to choose. Both are very changeable, unpredictable and always change their form. In addition, there are the different aggregate states that water can take….

Spatial drawing

Spatial drawing Räumliches Zeichnen ist die Grundlage für eine dreidimensionale Wirkung innerhalb eines Bildes. Wer nicht einen flachen Eindruck vermitteln möchte, sondern von Tiefe und Weite, findet hier die wesentlichen Mittel und Merkmale, wie ihm das gelingen kann. 😉  …