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Drawing hands

Drawing hands Drawing a hand or two hands is one of the most difficult subjects that an artist can ever choose.   Basics – how to draw hands? Example of the flexibility of the wrist, the proportion of a hand…

Feet & Shoes

Learn to draw feet and shoes This article is about learning to draw feet and shoes. Find here some sample pictures and step by step instructions.   Drawing feet Even feet have their proportions. For example, the inner ankle is…

(German) Art Law

German Art Law Here you will find the basic information about art law, i.e. copyright, right to one’s own image and what you have to consider as an artist, especially if you put your images on the Internet or look…

Tips & Tricks

Drawing tips and tricks With the tips and tricks on this page you will definitely get further in drawing and painting again. Sometimes certain techniques facilitate learning immensely. Try it out! 😉   Miscellaneous drawing tips Utilizing Inspirations – Catalogs,…


Learn to draw manga This page is about the basics of learning to draw manga.   How to draw manga images? Here’s a little tutorial on learning to draw or paint manga. To draw manga or anime you should already…