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Kneeling Unicorn Sketch
Draw mythical creatures For kids

Unicorns and centaurs

Drawing unicorns and centaurs

Unicorns and centaurs, like the winged horse Pegasus, belong to creatures of Greek mythology, that is, to the realm of antiquity. They are all very proud and graceful creatures full of elegance.

Over the centuries, however, they have also become advertising icons, heroes and quite simply symbols of magic and myth, so that they now appear everywhere from commercials to manga/anime. Certain characteristics are enough to recognize them, beyond that you can give free rein to your creativity and design them the way you want.

Kneeling Unicorn Drawing Tutorial Step
Kneeling Unicorn Sketch

On this page I show you some step by step instructions how to draw unicorns as well as centaurs. I wish you a lot of fun and inspiration!


Draw unicorns

A horse body with a mighty horn – The most challenging part of unicorns or centaurs is undoubtedly the horse body. It is very helpful to be able to draw horses or be experienced in it before attempting to create these mythical creatures. For this purpose, I have provided a horse tutorial.

In my blog, you will also find a guide on how to draw a comic unicorn. And here, I will show you directly how I have drawn the comic unicorn depicted above and how you can draw it too:

Draw Comic Unicorn - Step-by-Step Tutorial
Draw comic unicorn


Learn to draw unicorn head

In the first example I will show you how to draw the head of a unicorn. The easiest way is to take a photo template of a real horse to orient yourself on it. The horn can then be drawn to it. How you want to design the horn is entirely up to your imagination. Also how you want to color the unicorn.

Here you can see a step by step tutorial for a unicorn head. In the last step, I traced the image again with Copic Multiliners on marker paper to be able to color it with Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen Big Brush.

Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing a Unicorn Head
Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing a Unicorn Head


Drawing galloping unicorn

In this tutorial I show you step by step how to draw a unicorn at a gallop. First, I sketched the dynamic movement (red lines) and aligned with it by means of basic shapes formed the body of the unicorn. In the individual steps that follow, you will see how the drawing slowly develops piece by piece until the finished unicorn image.

In this step you can see how the unicorn picture was colored with Touch Markers. First I transferred the contours with Copic Multiliners and then painted first the basic color and then the shades.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Drawing a Galloping Unicorn
Step-by-Step Tutorial for Drawing a Galloping Unicorn


Draw a kneeling unicorn

Here is a final example of a unicorn drawing; a kneeling unicorn. Here, too, a photo template was the source of ideas. However, pay attention to how the horn behaves. In many fantasy pictures of unicorns, the horn is very long (about 1-2 meters), so that the unicorn’s freedom of movement is limited by it.

I also transferred this image to marker paper with my Copic Multiliners so I could color it with my Touch Twin markers. Since unicorns are mythical creatures, you are very free as far as coloring is concerned. Just make sure that the overall color mix is harmonious. Everything else is up to your imagination. Have fun drawing!

Tutorial for Drawing a Kneeling Unicorn in Individual Steps
Tutorial for Drawing a Kneeling Unicorn in Individual Steps


Drawing centaurs

Human Body and Horse Body – The special thing about centaurs is that they have a human half, just like mermaids, for example. In order to depict them convincingly, it is useful to become familiar with drawing humans themselves before combining them with animal bodies. For this purpose, I have various tutorials on how to draw humans.


Tools for drawing people

On the page about drawing people, you will find tips on drawing the human anatomy, including detailed depiction of the muscles. The action figures* offer interchangeable hands and feet. There are also versions available with accessories, primarily various weapon types.

Drawing Template: Action Figures at Eye Level
Drawing Template: Action Figures at Eye Level

These figures are great for showing poses and gestures, even from different angles.


Learning to draw centaurs

Centaurs are a mixture of a horse body (lower half) and a human body (upper half). So they are a similar hybrid creature to the mermaids, except that the centaurs live on land. Now, since you have to blend 2 creatures together here, they are particularly difficult to draw. Again, photo templates help very well, which you have to put together almost like a collage to have your final template.

Here I have a step by step tutorial on how to draw a proud centaur warrior.

Drawing Centaur Warrior Step by Step
Drawing Centaur Warrior Step by Step


Learn to draw centauress with saber

As a female counterpart to the centaur, I have also made a tutorial of a female centaur here as a balancing example. Since the horse’s body is very powerful, you either have to choose a petite horse breed or a stockier female. In the example, the horse’s body is not quite so massive, so that it matches the woman’s comparatively petite upper half.

Drawing Centaurine with Saber Step by Step Tutorial
Drawing Centaurine with Saber Step by Step Tutorial


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