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Teaching materials – From teacher to teacher

The core idea of my site has always been to help others.

Art teacher: Help me to help you!

For years, teachers have been able to compile content from my site for their classes. They are allowed to do so, as long as the source (my website) is mentioned ;).

I am also happy to compile materials that can be printed and used – as long as I know that there is a concrete need.

For this reason, I would like to encourage all educators and teachers (male and female 😉 ) to send me your ideas and wishes, so that I have the opportunity to make my site better and thus help you and other art teachers.

Wanted: Art teachers to help me help teachers
Take AND Give!

You can either write me a comment under this article, or an email.

Currently, I am collecting ideas and implementing them from time to time, if possible, and making them available for download here.

Teaching materials for art teachers are crucial for fostering creative thinking and artistic skills in students.

These include paints, brushes, painting paper and drawing utensils to be provided by students, as well as worksheets from printed teaching materials and online resources.

These must include not only knowledge of art history, but basic knowledge of image design and color theory, but also ideas for practical art projects beyond coloring pictures are an advantage.


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